You Matter

Walking souls, not discovered,

No one knew their names,

They yelled until their lungs gave out 

and silence came through their vains 

told they couldn't be 

dreams flushing out like toxins through them,

emotions once known now faded

*look a light*

One, Two, Three, and more 

bodies no longer filled the floor

all it took was a kind soul

a kind hand 

this can be a woman or man

you can find the light 

you can find glory

hold on move slow

move out your body 

free their hearts 

free their minds

and remember all this is

from just being kind

You see the smile upon their cheeks

hold them close tell them theyre okay 

give them happiness, let it be returned 

for your next cloudy day.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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