The Beauty of Her

Mon, 04/17/2023 - 16:50 -- yeah

People think of beauty as looks, 

which will always be temporary.


You see her from the outer view and say she is beautiful looks-wise,

which she is,

but you do not see the beautiful side of her that I do.


She's a person with a natural,

gorgeous smile she tries to hide sometimes,

because it's a smile that means something else deep down.


Her laugh lights up a room with more brightness than the Sun,

and her laugh makes others smile and laugh with her.


She manages to make others laugh anytime she wants or tries to,

because she is able to make others let down their guard with her trusting atmosphere.


Her kindness towards others always leaves me in awe.

She sees the good and bad in others that nobody else ever would be able to understand.


Her protection of people makes her hold power, 

but not the kind of power that destroys people,

the kind that is obtained through trust and provides trust.


You see her the way I am able to see her, 

but you are not able to see her the way I know her.


Because her beauty is outside and within.


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