School Career

I was told to tie my laces, 

And keep my glasses on. 

That I needed to stay their paces, 

Or end up mowing lawns.  

"Be the best now so you'll be the best then!" 

Always seemed to be my anthem. 

But I haven't always been,

So it must be me against them. 

I learned to make school my business, 

And how to form a thesis, 

But I never thought I'd witness

Becoming my own nemisis. 

My biggest fight was against fun, 

But also against dropping eyes. 

When my friends said "come!" 

I had two excuses - or lies. 

But being alone had it's disadvantages,

And as I learned to compare and contrast, 

I knew I couldn't manage, 

So I put that all in the past. 

I've learned since then, 

Everyone is smart, 

But most often

It's better to be kind. 

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