When I Die


Sunshine will burst
through my ribcage
and illuminate the sky
with a warm yellow light
that will pour
over your skin
during your
coldest winters.

Daffodils will sprout from my
eye sockets
for you to gather
each time you feel
there is nothing left
to grow.

Collect the berries
from my spine
and nourish yourself
with something sweet that
will stain your hands red
with the color of life.

Strain the honey
from the marrow
in my bones
and infuse it
with your bland
and tasteless

Find the skeletons
of the minnows
that once swam
through my veins
off the coastline
of my wrists,
and feed them back to the
hungry, lonely

Carefully unwind
the grape vine from my
vertebrae and
drink yourself
drunk to a tall
glass of my wine.

Crack open my skull
and set free the
1,000 lightning bugs
that once swarmed
ignited my brain
so that even
your darkest hours
will always be lit. 



Very beautiful!

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