Thu, 10/12/2017 - 00:07 -- MaryOs

Who is this faceless man I wonder

The one who plagues my dreams

I dont see him but I sense him


I may not see this faceless man 

But, I still know he's there

He walks beside me

Mute and Transparent

Gentle and Protective


I no longer sense him fore now I see him

The who has plagued my dreams

He knows my fears and catches my tears


Now I see this facless man 

Neither mute nor transparent

Now he guides me gently

And softens the blowss that so many throw


Who is this faceless man you wonder

Now I will tell you

He is your Will

Your Strength

He is your love 

and your Kindness


But, above all

He is your protector

He is your Paladin



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