One thing I always ask myself is “why?” and “how could someone I don’t really know mean so much to me?”. Everyday I’m amused at how cruel people can be, I watch someone I love getting hurt by these cruel people and I have nothing in my power to do.He gets beat down and all i can do is watch, and it hurts, a lot. But Why? Why do people have to be so mean to someone who is trying to grow up? Why must we criticize someone when we have no idea what their situation is. I sit in my room, scrolling through my phone, the evil words stabbing me in the heart. Why? Can you not see the tears in my eyes? Can you not see the tears in his eyes. Why must we assume that it is okay to say such cruel things about someone? Who are we to so mean to another person? When you start loving someone their emotions become your emotions. The tear in his eyes become the tears in my eyes; the smile on his face becomes the smile on my face. And suddlenly, his feelings are all that matter because at a point in time he put mine first. He wiped the tears off my cheeks and he made sure I had a smile, so in this hard time when all he has is me and the whole world is turning against him I make sure to be there, because there is nothing more valuable than the support of someone who loves you despite your flaws and your mistakes because she is able to see that past those rough edges is a boy who is being bullied for standing up for himself, a boy who worked so hard to get to the top only to have people kick him down, a boy who cares about others yet others don’t care for him. And baby i see the pain in your eyes, I know you try to paint a smile on your face I know you try to maintain happy so I'll be happy, but I see behind that, i see the tears behind the smile and i see the isolation behind your social life.I see how you try so hard to be "normal" when people are shouting mean things at you. I know you breakdown and I see why, yet others don't. Others think you're nothing but a spoiled kid, but they don't see what I do. They do not see that all i ever want for you is to be happy and you can't do that because you're being kicked and punched every single minute. Why. And people have the nerve to ask me "why do you still care?" "Why do you still support him?" And that’s where my other question comes in “how could someone I don’t really know mean so much to me?” “How could someone who doesn’t even know my name take up so much room in my heart?” and my answer is simple: because I love him. 


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