The Curse Of Kindness (K.B.)

From the first day of stepping in the school,

I felt like my life was no longer important.

I didn't know anybody and most of the students ignored me.

A few months went by and I lost all of my tools.

She hit me with a light and taught me reinforcement.

Something that no one else could give and that's a guarantee.

She made me feel the love that I was looking for in my soul.

At this point my life was no longer black like coal.

I wrote and I wrote to express my pain.

And she would praise me as if I was an angel in the rain.

Her words would make me feel so perfectly insane.

I forever had her words implanted in my brain.

She's the reason I can sit here and be who I am today.

So thank you Mrs. Byrd for making sure that I was always okay.




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