because i love you.

he slides his arms around my hips,

we sway softly, lips to lips -

the words come quiet in the cold,

but we are warm, and we are home.


we are no-crossed-fingers, all open hands,

the kind of love that understands

sheer rock walls are built for two to scale,

mountains aren’t tall when you can’t fail.


breathless, reckless, screaming at the wind -

love so bright and good it must be sin.

he knows my puzzle pieces even when they scatter;

(it doesn’t matter when i get fatter)


coming back never feels wrong;

the day slides away like a song -

we find ourselves during the spaces apart,

but i know he’ll always be the skip in my heart.


you know me inside out -

through the spring and through the drought -

you know all the ugly parts too,

i never want to leave, though -

because i love you.

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