More than I know

How does one fight for fairness without keeping score?

If you have the answers , please , please say more.

This rumbling and rattling in a vacant brain ...

It’s enough to make one wonder if they ever were sane.

Alrhough it may be brown the wrapper isn’t plain.


There’s a spirit we all had when we we’re kids .

Ancient minds have a harder time with that lid .

The truth is out there , it’s plain in the stars ..

It’s easy to obsess over shiny German cars ..

The answers aren’t in a shot glass at the local dive bar.


Waistlines are expanding , so much cheaper to eat fat.

Social Media , shallow or hateful is where many are at.

Theres remains beauty and love although sometimes rare.

Takes time to figure , this world wasn’t built to be fair.

Consider your soul blessed when someone really cares .

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