Quality of Life


Waking up from a dream feeling all bubbly

While everyone else looks  at the world humbly

I get out of bed everyday with the thought

That today and no later is the day that I ought

To make an impact in somebodys life

Somebody who may be going through strife

A simple hug, a smile, an open door

Kindness we should always have time for

I remember one night I cried about cancer

Spent hours and hours looking for an answer

Telling myself that one of these days

I will figure out how to stop all the pain

My plan is to one day become a nurse

Travel the world and reverse the curse

Of poverity, abuse, hunger and disease

And keep the world happy away from unease

One person can make a huge difference you know

Unleashing the greatest gift we bestow

The gift to stand up for what you believe

And that's what I think is so great about me 


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