I fell into his eyes...

  where the golden skies
      and amber rays of sun
        kissed the blue sea
         and bloomed deep green

A pool of hazel
Pounding to a heart beat that

  into a
A melody ruling my salted heart.

And sweet the sea
           washes over me
Beautiful it rings to be—

A whole new world—uncovering
The frailest part
And hailing icy—bliss fire through me.

Turning me to pure gold
Refined from the
Of old

My cloudy sky
     And dreary world
Of thoughts becoming
     So insignificant
In comparison
     To the love
I've fallen

To the world he's
      Opened to me.
The person
      I'm meant to be.
And I laugh,
      A sound
  ringing in
          through my

I've dipped my fingers

Into a cup

And it touched me to
The center in my heart
And this love—so foreign—has found me
        broken, but

       Why, it can't possibly be
    That he could Love
  A wretched soul
As me—But is seems he does.
      How wonderful
          That seems to me.


My world has discovered a new place

Of wonder and adventure

In the form

        Of an




And as I fall deeper and Deeper

I climb higher and Higher

Into a world that begins—ends with a

  shimmering gold-flecked amber sun

     a whispering sea of blue then green

A world where angels sing

In the pleasant glow of a soft angel smile

It becomes my smile


The events continue to end

—begin where they meet—

in the loving eyes of the one

I love.

I see it,

And hope remains it,

That It will always be there in his eyes

The answer some have grown to despise


I found—and find—Love.


And his Love is mine to keep.

And the thought makes me weep.





He Loves me—it seems

 as endlessly

    as tenderly

As the sun

Loves the sea.


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