This World is at Many Times Quite a Nice Place to Be

I was walking through school during lunch one day
when I heard at once a peculiarly snobbish voice saying
"I just don't understand it,"
and so you see, I simply had to turn and look.
And so I saw
a snobbish-looking girl turning (snobbishly) to another
and continuing on with
"There's no such thing as bisexual, 
they're probably saying it for the attention."
"Rachel!" exclaimed her scandalized friend (bless her soul),
"You can't just say that.
It's rude and offensive, and I, for one,
think all sexualities are 
Now I would have gone up to Rachel's friend and shook her hand, 
but alas,
the bell rang
and she hurried to class.
So I simply smiled to myself and thought:
this world is at many times
quite a nice place to be.


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