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At church last night, we were sharing a meal, celebrating the girl in nice, white clothes, not quite as little as you'd expect.
"Life isn't a fairytale." I've told myself a million times It's not a Hallmark movie It's not a Jane Austen novel It's not composed of kingdoms and wishes Princes and happy endings
Behind your eyelids in a land far away Where children roamed all night & all day Fire-breathing dragons & unicorns that could fly
For Some extra laughs.try reading to the beat of "Hi Ho" from Snow White Im not a Poet and I know it..but I tried :)    ACHOO, ACHOO Sneazing is all I do! Why did Walt name me sneazy?
There was once a beautiful witch with a heart as black as coal She appeared on the steps of a castle and cursed thousands of souls She blamed the prince's greediness and said his heart was dark
The Neverland Fan     I never want to grow up! What’s the point anyway?When you can fly up in the sky, and play around all day. 
Twelve dancing princesses twirl ‘round the hall Laughing with glee as at last they shed all The burdens of holding a state on their shoulders
Once, in the vast history of the Earth, A kind-hearted prince Phillip, owner of jade eyes and silk tunics to match, Found himself convinced of the worst crime possible:
Once upon a time...
Mother goat said not to open the door To her seven little goats They did not open the door For the first two times When the wolf came by
In books I've lived a thousand lives, In pages counted countless lies,In paper found the truth and cried,To reading of a love that's blind.  The lives of those famed princesses, With struggles high above the rest, With gowns and fine embroidery, B
We all are not one as they say, I hold only what I may, I am an animal- No..Literally I am, Nothing but a beast among beasts, Chained even amongsts animals as the "judge" decrees,
I was given to her on her thirteenth birthday A bright red hood to symbolize her first red moon   Given to a girl who's grandmother loved her dearly
  Lost in a maze of trees, alone, forgotten I stumbled upon a house, covered in the bowels of darkness, A place familiar to a bird who is perched on a white oak. Tiptoeing, branches swaying in wind
“Oh Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair.” “Since that is the ladder, I will climb it, and seek my fortune.” Sure you could climb up halfway, Your boyish valor shining brighter than the sword at your hip,
Once there was a Beauty, That fell fast asleep. During the day she was happy, But at night she would weep. Not knowing her parents, Or who she really was, It gave her much trouble,
Once upon a time, I was a princess I was a beauty who lived in a castle; I sang with the birds, spoke gracious words, But all the while found my stigma a hassle   There was a prince I was supposed to love,
Drowning in her lonesome, amid in her cottage full of chocolate walls, the old woman lust for attention. Her decor of vibrant sweets in and out of the house,
"Why am I so feared?"  I ponder this ages. I ponder this for years.  I am the "Evil Queen," they say.  "Snow White, the poor girl!" they say.  I wasn't always this way...so obsessed with beauty and such
A flowering brush silently drips and perspires under the regulation of the dawn. Bees spawn amongst the first lit blooms, humoring the early bird.
Persephone, the flower child of Mount Olympus, a girl created from rainstorms and fruit seeds The apple of her harvester mother’s eye, Nature’s most beautiful flower
I scaled the stone wall, Green moss hugged the edges. It would be impossible to climb. I looked up to the window, And there was a flash of golden hair. There she was, I've never seen anyone so fair.
The Maiden’s Untold Tale (What Girls Need to Know) By Briana Myall   Please ignore their sugared stories. Listen to our ancient lore. Don’t speak of happy endings. Not knowing what we bled for.  
The Maiden’s Untold Tale (What Girls Need to Know) By Briana Myall   Please ignore their sugared stories. Listen to our ancient lore. Don’t speak of happy endings. Not knowing what we bled for.  
Once upon a time, In a city tucked away, No one could hear a chime, Only silence made it's way,   There lived a young man, By the name of Aladdin,
Holding some cheese in his mouth, The fox sat down to feast. A crow flew by to spy, perched on a branch in a tree.
Once upon a time, lived a boy who could not die eventually. yes, but Peter was lonely at best until one day he saw a band of brothers  who looked so happy, together, forever so he decided to take it for himself.
You feasted on the bear, the bird, the boar; I was the one who brought them to your door.   Are princesses so blind to who supplies The panther’s pelts where you so often lie?
If Cinderella had taken her fate into her own hands, She wouldn’t have lost her glass heel. Maybe she would have ran away, hung a red lantern above her door.
I could not in fact spin straw into gold A little lie, my father should’ve never told Would they know if I jumped, would they know if I ran
With knives, you bless me with marks of loveWhile your words guide my mind to insanityYour kisses leave me weak; tear inducedDrunk on your pain
 My Dear True Sweetheart After the witch's death, I rushed home to tell the news Running out of breath, ecstatic of the thought to marry you However, I was told to be with another lady
Not so long ago, A beautiful girl was born. They named her Aurora After the glittering dawn. Soon she started walking, Which was followed by talking Before her parents knew
Growing up, the happy endings are shoved down our throats Like a spoon full of sugar While other kids grow up with the harsh realities of their lives
Once upon a time A young girl so benign Confronted by the curse Touched, pricked, and tumbled Fallen by the spindle.      Oh the unlucky one Rembered for her collapse
If you traveled far back in the woods (Farther than the Farthest back tree), you may find a tiny cottage made of stone with gentle puffs of smoke billowing from the chimney.  
I woke and fell in your arms Has your lips touched mine Never knowing much more Trying to keep us from falling apart 
A fairy tale is a made-up story that everyone hopes to believe is true Parents tell their children and they hope to fulfill their wishes Once they read them, they don’t feel blue
when I was little I used to dream of being married and living Happily ever after, a Queen that sits on her throne with Pride glittering in sparkling daylight, shining blue, pink, silver, and golden
They never talk about this. They never talk about what happens after. When the crowds leave. When the pomp and circumstance has faded. When there's nothing left but me and him.
The flickering candle lit the deteriorating cabin An owl stood on a branch whooing out in the forest The author sat at his old wooden desk devising fantasies for the young ones
Once Upon A Time,  there was a little girl   with a soul big as the sky and a heart that echoed in the ground   when she would lay in the grass  and roll down the hill    to the laughing creek.    
Once Upon A Time, She heard the clock chime, Only to tell her the magic was leaving, But she didn't care for she was believing She would see him again. That blue dress and perfect hair,
I was willing to cut off my tail for you.   I remember the days, when I swam alone
Do you not believe what you see?! I'm standing right in front of you, you can see me, can you? That must mean that i am still real, what a relief. For quite some time i thought i was fading away.
When I was five years old
If it were a fairytale you would stay.
Beast   Ego sum bestiam. I, I am the beast. I am no one’s keeper.  
Sometimes we believe that fairy tales come true thats what I thought when found you but before you can have a happy ending you have to go through the pain, and that causes confusion to your brain
Cinderelly, Cinderelly, what a beautiful girl
Sometimes I feel like I am a lie. Not my life, but myself. Looking into the mirror I see…             Past the small-lipped grin             Past the curious eyes What Am I?
I think about you everyday.
Twist and dance with the time,
It feels like a true fairytale. Like the ones your mom reads to you at bedtime. You're dreaming of walking through the dark green woods. Only lit up by the tiny fireflies buzzing around.
"Oh dearest, my sweetest! You must tell me now, What causes the furrows A-rest on your brow?" And I say, "I prithee our time do meet soon, To the time when forget-me-nots bloom,
Since a young age I've been plagued My mind set a certain way By fairy tales They taught me That happily ever after Always follows the end And the princes marry princesses and that's it
Whoever says fairytales aren’t real Is a liar, They exist in the bookshelves And bedtime stories; In the look a boy gives a girl And the way the girl laughs; A happily married couple,
When I was young I adored Peterpan, I've always wanted to go to neverland I wanted to stay a kid forever, growing up I realized that Neverland never existed
When we were younger, we were led to believe that our fairytales are our templates on how our lives are supposed to be. We grow up thinking we are supposed to meet our prince or princess, get married, live happily ever after, the end.
I remember my mom bought this old dusty book for fifty cents at a yard-sale; Now, the title of this book was 100 Classic Fairytales. So, if I ever got restless and my mom just wanted peace,
It is common knowledge that Princesses are associated with towers,  Waiting, sighing, crying, whining, pining away for men with flowers,  And shining knights to come and fight the awful dragons of their past, 
  Looking up at chandeliers with broken glass, You lay down as you remember all your time that has passed. Thinking of your prince and how love went through your heart like a beam, But then you awake and realize that was all but a dream.
Snippity snap went the great Skizorswaks As the giant's hair came scallowing down. She looked in the reflection of her shithering glass And quathingly formed a slight frown.
Here I am, once again Sitting in the same place, same routine, same faces I’ve mistaken a change in pace to be progress, a step out of this mess I’m discouraged at the realization, no longer through the rearview mirror;
I once knew of a girl, Roaming and young, Who closed her eyes when it rained, And envied the sun.
I write you wondering if I've made a mistake giving you my heart so fast. even though I told myself after the one before you I would never fall so quickly. That I wouldn't let some one in so fast. Let them know my past present and future.
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