Aladdin in Wonderland

Once upon a time,

In a city tucked away,

No one could hear a chime,

Only silence made it's way,


There lived a young man,

By the name of Aladdin,

He'd lost his friends, Peter Pan and the lost boys,

His heart began to sadden,


All he had was his magic rug,

To keep him company while in the silence,

All he had was his magic rug,

So he thought, "hey, I might as well ride it!"


He hopped on the rug,

Said a prayer,

Gave it a tug, 

And said "Take me anywhere!"


Aladdin ended up,

In a very strange land,

He saw not a woman,

Nor did he see a man,


He saw the most beautiful flowers,

He saw giant trees,

He saw chocolate towers,

He saw honey covered bees,


He walked everywhere,

Still not a person in sight,

He walked around more,

Until it nearly gave him a fright,


Just as he thought he was all alone,

He heard a soft sound,

It was a little girl's voice,

She said "I'm Alice, and you're in Wonderland now"






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Our world
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