Forever Dreaming

Once there was a Beauty,

That fell fast asleep.

During the day she was happy,

But at night she would weep.

Not knowing her parents,

Or who she really was,

It gave her much trouble,

And this was the cause.


Drifting off into her slumber,

She couldn't help but wonder,

If she could sleep forever,

Her dreams would make life better.

She dreamt of her family,

And friends that she would have.

Friends that were human,

Not just birds, rabbits and cats.


She heard of an old tale,

That could make you sleep forever.

To prick your finger on a spindle,

Couldn't be that painful,

And the idea was very clever.


She arrived at a castle,

And went searching for that spindle,

Crossing her unpricked fingers,

That it would bring her a miracle.

She found the spindle,

Her finger started to bleed,

And in a blink of an eye,

She fell right to sleep.


Her dream world was magical,

Life couldn't have been better.

She never wanted to leave,

She wanted to stay dreaming forever.


Rudely awakened by a stranger's lips on hers,

She laid eyes on him and thought,

"He's not ugly... it could be worse."


Waiting for her were her family and friends,

Her dreams became reality,

She thought, "How did this happen?"


Her whole life was a question mark,

Except in her dreams,

But her life is now like a dream,

And that's an excellent start.


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