Fairytales & Happily Ever Afters

  Looking up at chandeliers with broken glass, You lay down as you remember all your time that has passed. Thinking of your prince and how love went through your heart like a beam, But then you awake and realize that was all but a dream. You go to the ball as Cinderella once did, And your heart falls onto your sleeve while you remember when it once hid. Receiving the messages of love his eyes continue to send, But then the clock strikes twelve and unlike Cinderella, that’s where your story must end. When you’re a child you can dream of fairytales all night and day, But as you grow those tales turn into a curse despite what they say. Being in reality, you realize that you must wake up. You realize that in reality, Alice actually drowned in that Wonderland cup. You realize you can not wait in Rapunzel’s tower forever, You must believe your prince may not come, and always be clever. Don’t get me wrong, in this world too happy endings do occur, But here they like to run and hide so keep them in your heart forever secure


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