Mother Goat and the Seven Little Goats Plan Gone Wrong

Sat, 08/26/2017 - 19:11 -- HaleyD.

Mother goat said not to open the door

To her seven little goats

They did not open the door

For the first two times

When the wolf came by

But they opened the door the third time

The wolf tricked them

And gobbled them up

Except for one

Mother goat came home

She saw the wolf by the tree

She saw the movement of her six little goats

That were inside the wolf


She grabbed a pair of scissors

She planned on getting her goats back

Snip snip snip

She only got so far

The wolf woke up

He was confused

And then angered

He gobbled her up

Mother goat was reunited with her little goats

They cried

And cried

Both sadness and happiness

They wished to get out

The one goat that was not eaten

Saw mother goat get eaten

He was scared

He did not want to be gobbled up either

The wolf took his place at the tree again

Fast asleep

The goat built up courage

To get his family back

He grabbed another pair of scissors

He went to the wolf by the tree

Snip snip snip

And more snipping

The wolf did not wake

The wolf was exhausted

So he kept sleeping

The goat managed to cut the wolf’s stomach

His family climbed out

One by one

All of them out

His family gathered the one goat

In a hug

Mother goat had an idea

Remembering poisonous berries were around

The family of goats picked every last berry

And filled the wolf’s stomach

With all the berries

Mother goat stitched the wolf back up

Who was still sleeping

The wolf awoke hours later

He felt full

He was proud of himself for eating those goats

But the goats were not the ones making the wolf full

The berries were

The wolf’s happy thoughts stopped

When a sharp pain hit

He fell in pain

HIs throat closed up

Stopping his breathing

The berries were in action

Poisoning his body

The wolf stopped struggling

His heart stopped

The goats cheered

They were happy

But one little goat passed out

Berry juice covered his mouth

He ate one

Without thinking

Mother goat cried

And cried

Mourning over her dead little goat

All happiness was gone

It was a plan gone wrong



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