Ever After


You control the way I talk
The way I act
The way I dress
The way I think

Making me into a “fairy-tale” a “story” Im me.
I cant be rewritten to fit into your book.
I don’t see the way Cinderella does.
I see the beauty in pain.
How the destruction she went through made her beautiful.
It’s a art that begins with the end of a painting.

I understand the goodness of villians.
How someone must be beautifully disturbed to not know any good.
That it’s the opposite of what we teach.Its a backwards way of thinking.

I don't fit in with the fairy tale you dreamed up.
Because you dream of perfect girls who have no words.
I'm full of words and full of beautiful disasters.
I'm not your happily ever after
not your damsel in distress
I'm the one who sees the beautiful dances of words
slight black curves of letters The indefinite definitions of words

My skin is full of different stories with not so happily ever after.
I can't quite comprehend the meaning of being happy
Being depressed this long makes you forget how the sun shines Or how the rain falls

Im the contradiction ending
The never sees grey the I hate you but I love you girl
I can't be controlled
I'm not the story that can be rewritten
I'm the story that has plot twists the story that needs to be finished written


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