After Ever After

They never talk about this.

They never talk about what happens after.

When the crowds leave.

When the pomp and circumstance has faded.

When there's nothing left but me and him.

I let my hair down just to have my prince waiting at the bottom with a pair of scissors.

My knight in shining Armour turned out to be nothing more than the heartless tin man.

I do not know whether the bitter taste in my mouth is from the apple or his lips

But I am spellbound nonetheless.

He keeps me in this tower.

Calls me princess but to my ears it sounds more like prisoner.

My slippers have long since shattered leaving my feet too bruised and bloody to run.

When the book closes and you lay your head down

Close your eyes and dream about some imaginary, far away land

Full of knights, and dragons, and magic.

You probably dream of yourself in my shoes.

Marrying some prince and living happily ever after in a beautiful castle.

Your dream.

Your dream that you'll probably forget come morning.

Your dream that seems so perfect you open that book every night just to escape to it.

Your dream...

Is my nightmare.

And unlike you

I cant wake up.

This poem is about: 
My family


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