Do you not believe what you see?! I'm standing right in front of you, you can see me, can you?

That must mean that i am still real, what a relief.

For quite some time i thought i was fading away.

That is what happens when people stop believing y'know.

What would happen you think , if everyone and i mean the whole world start questioning your being?

Well in the beginning its ok , at least for me, for i am a strong one. But the weaker ones faded instantly. After a while people start to look through you. Adults especially. Children have much more potential. Most of them are not yet effected by this "real" world.

We are fairytales !

But that doesn't mean we aren't real.                                   

I'm as real you !

Everything and i mean everything that has been created is real !

I am fading away as well, soon i'll be no longer.

So i need you to do something for me, quickly !

Keep on creating , make up story's.

Keep them in mind and soul and never question there excises.

Believe in us ,  yourself and in the world with all its beauty and misery.

Believe in your dreams and love young boy ..

Believe !!


and with those final words the ancient green dragon faded out of existence.  The young boy, who was just playing in the forest a few minutes ago, stood there, speechless with his mouth wide open.

Sadly he couldn't believe what he just saw..


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