A Princess's Infatuation


United States
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Once upon a time, I was a princess

I was a beauty who lived in a castle;

I sang with the birds, spoke gracious words,

But all the while found my stigma a hassle


There was a prince I was supposed to love,

For he was handsome on the white horse he’d ridden;

But it was around then that I discovered my dark side

Because, of all things, I preferred a villain


The purity was admirable, the devotion worthy

Of those noble lads for which I was destined;

I was a damsel they rushed to save from distress,

With a close-mouthed kiss, as advised by the legend


But the thought of their company made me sleepy -

They were bland fruits that only had a sweet hull;

Yes, they were good swordsmen, and they treated me kindly,

But they were ever so terrifically dull!


No, I didn't care for those goodhearted snoots,

With their softness and pretty-boy looks;

But, oh! How I fell under the bad-boy spell

Of the tyrants, the killers, the crooks!


A woman must face her stranger desires,

Those that are senseless, that are hard to explain;

I don’t know if it was daddy issues or mere madness

That made me yearn so much for the pain!


Those cruel, manic laughs that roar and echo,

The vengeful passion that’s alight in his eyes,

The rugged sex appeal, that special je ne sais quoi

You can only find in the bad guys!


Kidnapped and threatened, locked in a tower,

With his sharpened blade against my cheek,

The hard, angry kisses of my embittered rebel -

My knees have gone so deliciously weak!


But imagine a life of happy-ever-after,

As a nobleman’s wife, with no swearing or whoring;

Being good all the time, around a decent stuck-up -

Doesn’t it just sound so horribly boring?!


So I’m taking a detour on this ‘correct’ fate,

These solid marriages and guys of integrity;

It’s only natural for young girls to get seduced

By bad decisions before hitting clarity


Here, now, dear villain, whisk me away,

Let no one save me while on our wicked adventures!

Though you abuse me, you certainly amuse me,

And thrill me with your eccentric ventures!


I abandon my fairytale, at least for a phase,

The princess lifestyle is a snore and outdated;

To really live, I must embrace my badness

For Goodness is far overrated!


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