Fairytale Love

When we were younger, we were led to believe that our fairytales are our templates on how our lives are supposed to be.

We grow up thinking we are supposed to meet our prince or princess, get married, live happily ever after, the end.

I personally find these fairytales stupid.

I mean, we do live in reality and not in some enchanted woods or high up in the tallest tower.

Princess Jasmine married a theif for Pete's sake!

And what did she do? Believed him when he said he was a prince!

Or how about Snow White? She married the first guy that kissed her on the spot! It's the same story for Sleeping Beauty.

We normally don't spot someone on the street whom we think is beautiful then just marry them.

Nor do we all get to have long happily ever afters.

So why base of lives on these tales?

I guess we do cause we need to believe that somehow we'd end up happy like in the stories somehow.


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