Love Was Found

Drowning in her lonesome,

amid in her cottage full of chocolate walls,

the old woman lust for attention.

Her decor of vibrant sweets in and out of the house,

bounced off the tree trunks in the forest to capture the eye of a soulmate. 

"My soulmate will never come, I'll be alone for the rest of my life"

as the old woman sulked herself, into depression. 

To fight off her sadness, she took a walk in the forest to find more sweets;

she had a tremendous faith that her soulmate will be in the candy cottage waiting for her when she comes back. 

On her way back to the cottage with plenty of sweets in her basket, she saw two little children with torn clothes eating her home.

The little boy turned to the girl and said "Gretel we're in candy heaven, who ever lives here must be very happy".

Joy flourished upon the old woman's face,

"Please, come inside let's get you cleaned up so you can have more sweets" the old woman said with delight.

The children looked at each other confused; as they weren't use to kindness.

They got cleaned up and had a dinner the old woman prepared-- the children and the old woman had conversations about the mistreatment they had in their life.

The old woman and the children (Hansel and Gretel) bonded like no other, as they were missing pieces to each other's puzzle. 

A love that was completed. The three lived happily, as they took care of each other.

- JernessaC.



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