When I was young I adored Peterpan, I've always wanted to go to neverland

I wanted to stay a kid forever, growing up I realized that Neverland never existed

Not even for Peter or the lost boys, I never learned to believe or even fly

I gave up on adventure and fun, I felt like Captin hook

Neverland is a state of mind, a place to get away from home

Peter he was carefree but I?

I was all nots and troubled thoughts.

Peter left us growing up with unasked questions 

"Do things actually get better when you let go of yesterday and think of today?"

"Will I ever find my shadow like he found his?"

You see the lost boys they all grew up and werent lost anymore 

One of them was dead and the other one f*cked up, the others ran away in search of luck

Peter made us feel like Neverland was the place to be a child forever

No growing up

No worries

Nothing but " faith, trust and pixie dust".



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