Heros from Below

Growing up, the happy endings are shoved down our throats

Like a spoon full of sugar

While other kids grow up with the harsh realities of their lives

No fairytales are told about princesses and heros from low income neighborhoods or from the ghettos or the projects

No happy endings come from gang violence and poverty and abuse

Fairytales love the stories of the rags to riches

That love will fix everything

If you find the right person

But if that person is the wrong person at the wrong time, instead of a happy ending

You could get faced with three children with no father, children parentless or with parents in jail

These children on the streets playing make believe with guns and drugs

Like they learned from their parents

Girls play Cinderella with dresses made of rags and short skirts

The boys play prince charming with sagged pants and a trashcan mouths they learned from the pasts they grew up around

No stories are told about these children

What this world needs is for heros from nonheroic backgrounds.

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Our world
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