Once Upon A Time, 

there was a little girl  

with a soul big as the sky and a heart that echoed in the ground  

when she would lay in the grass 

and roll down the hill   

to the laughing creek.  


she loved everything  

even the creepy crawlies

and the scary bats

and the caterpillars her brother left in her bed.  


 the bad kids didn't hate her  

never kicked mud at her 

because who could hate something so good? 

so pure and light? 

but things like that don't last.  

they simply can't. 


This girl had dreams, so many dreams. 

crazy dreams, big dreams, 

little girl dreams. 


she dreamed about the future 

and it was so bright. 

full of love and sunshine. 

and no one told her. 

because who could darken something so bright? 

who would make her doubt and question?  

who would wake her up? 


well as you can guess, like any other fairytale, 

years passed and the girl grew up in a tower, 

and when she was 10 she pricked her finger  

and woke herself up.  


so when the prince came, 

she only saw the beast inside

and wouldn't let him near.  

as her golden hair grew so long and longer  

she pulled herself out of the tower. 

because she broke the rules  

a shard of glass lodged in her heart 

making her icy cold and empty.  


and she was fine. she could live now. 

chase those dreams. 

she was going to travel the world.  

who needs a heart anyway? 


she made seven friends  

and kissed a bunch of frogs just for the heck of it  

and when she got tired  

wanted to go home, 

the girl realized she had no home 

no hearth, no singing birds, no fairy godmother 

no happy ending.  

and she cried her diamand and emerald tears

and grew old. 

The End.




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