Through The Eyes Of A Hood

Wed, 08/23/2017 - 22:56 -- vbast

I was given to her on her thirteenth birthday

A bright red hood to symbolize her first red moon


Given to a girl who's grandmother loved her dearly

Given to a girl who's mother had no time to watch her


Stitched from wool and dyed in cherry

My job was to keep her safe

To make sure she was noticed by every huntsman and baker  

To protect the little girl who wore me everyday 


Granny lived somewhere deep beneath the trees

Nothing but a narrow path to guide us through 

Mother warned her not to stray and sent her on her way


Little girls in red don't go missing the way others do

They travel in vibrant hues of crimson and ruby 

Singing and skipping

Lollygagging and daydreaming 

These were the things my little girl liked to do


She never saw the wolf man coming

Couldn’t hear his growling over the chirping of the birds 

Couldn’t see his sinful gaze over the shinning of the sun


“Where are you off to pretty girl?”

“Where does your grandmother live?”

“Perhaps some flowers will do her good. They say it soothes the sick.”


With her forest brown locks and river blue eyes

I wondered if she could hear me begging her not to trust him 

For a wolf is still a wolf no matter it’s guise 


Though this one didn’t come from her grandmother’s tales 

No horrible claws or razor sharp teeth in sight 


This wolf was handsome and kind 

With eyes as charming and wide as the moon in the night sky


My dearest girl

My darling one

My little cherub doll


Perhaps Granny should have warned you

That his kind is the worst wolf of all.



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