The Dark Side of Magic

There was once a beautiful witch with a heart as black as coal

She appeared on the steps of a castle and cursed thousands of souls

She blamed the prince's greediness and said his heart was dark

But all that could be blamed was her and her black heart


This same witch gave a peasant girl a dress as pure as gold

But only to laugh and take it away again before the night grew old

The peasant girl was Cinder who ran away in shame

Only to appear again cursed, and with the witch to blame


Aurora fared no better and was punished too

By the witch who grew so mad and said no rescue

She built a wall of thorns and made the people sleep

All were saved however by the dragon who stormed the palace keep


Mad at her previous failures she decided to steal a girl

And lock her in a tower that had steps but not a door

Passing by the tower a prince turned and stared

But then continued, on laughing without a care


Tiana, Ariel and Mulan also got caught in the crossfire

But frogs and princes and a sword made her plan backfire

Angry now the witch drew back and turned into an old lady

Who had dark eyes, a hunched back and who looked quiet shady


A rock from a cliff almost crushed the witch

And a pumpkin carriage almost pushed her into a ditch

A wolf with quite big eyes tried to make her a snack

She barely got away before…smack


She fell to the ground in a crumpled heap

And thus preceded to weep

She then caught a cold

And died, crumbling like mold


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