My Tower, My Choice

“Oh Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair.”

“Since that is the ladder, I will climb it, and seek my fortune.”

Sure you could climb up halfway,

Your boyish valor shining brighter than the sword at your hip,

Just to fall the forty feet back to the bottom.

Sure you could tell me I’m as beautiful as the lanterns you lit with your mother when you were five,

And say I’ll be your baby once you sweep me off my feet. 

Sure you could tell me you’ll love me with the heat of a charcoal fire,

Burning late into the twilight.

But when you get just close enough to brush my fingertips,

I’ll cut these golden locks and let you fall back down to earth.

I never said you could have me, so what made you think you could.

I am my own woman, I don't need your saving,

Didn't ask for it either.


I like women anyway.


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