After Happily Ever After

Sun, 06/25/2017 - 19:30 -- Iketa46

Once upon a time

A young girl so benign
 Confronted by the curse
 Touched, pricked, and tumbled
 Fallen by the spindle. 



Oh the unlucky one

Rembered for her collapse

Nicknamed the Sleeping Beauty

Deprived of character and life.



There the Prince goes

And there the kingdom cheers

Her skin glows again

As love brings warmth back.


But this is not the ending

Not one she shall be satisfied

For she is more than the curse

Nor a little damsel in distress.




After happily ever after

While the royal family thrives

Aurora proclaims her will through actions

Heightens security andestablishes rights.



Fate is irrevocable

Only when one surrenders to life

The woman who was wronged

Declares her defiance to injustice

And leads a life of chage.


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