Rumpelstiltskin the Savior

Wed, 07/19/2017 - 10:45 -- umnetty

I could not in fact spin straw into gold

A little lie, my father should’ve never told

Would they know if I jumped, would they know if I ran

Perhaps being beheaded would become the plan

Tears suffocating me as the stars did the moon

Still no gold in this straw-filled room

Should I fall into slumber and get one last night of rest

Where is my prince to swoop me out of this unforeseen mess?


As my eyes began to fall, a knock interrupted my sleep

I heard a whisper “psst-psst” and rose to my feet

The voice more muffled, said “listen to me”

And I gathered my belongings, just a necklace and a ring

Peeking underneath the wooden door was an iron key

I whispered to the unknown silhouette, “is this for me?”

With no response in return, I opened my prison door

There were two guards, one smothered in snores

The other grabbed my arm while his index finger was pressed to his lips,

Coaching me to be quiet as we ran for the hills

Dodging the royal family, and posing me as an intruder

Calmness engulfs me as our feet began to move smoother

Now out of the cave of hell, the ocean sounds penetrate my ears

We quickly hopped on a horse, I clung and he steered


Hooves pounding the ground was music in the midst of silence

When we entered the forest, behind me were faint sounds of sirens

Knowing that they will come for us after noticing our escape

We were gliding through air faster, searching for a familiar lake

The stallion came to halt and the night air has never felt so free

Then I was given a noble hand by my masked vigilante

Straw from the tower attached itself to my dress,

He got down on his knees, and picked off the rest

As he held them together, gathered in his hand

I saw the straw become gold, before they even hit land


I gasped at this magic, who was this man?

He had this gift, the one I needed, since my sentence began

He took off his helmet; I asked “who saved me from my execution?”

A beautiful smile peeked through, “Hello Madam, I am Rumpelstiltskin”



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