My Dear True Sweetheart

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 10:06 -- zairryn

 My Dear True Sweetheart

After the witch's death, I rushed home to tell the news

Running out of breath, ecstatic of the thought to marry you

However, I was told to be with another lady

Though, she was quite scary and acted unfairly


And on that night  I stood by the maiden's door

For I found it odd that she was adored 

Alas, she was the witch's sister

and after hearing the news she wanted to avenge her


To sever our hearts like her nieces' head

and thorns to cover like her sister before she was dead

Before I could flee, she placed a spell on me

And just like that, replaced were my memories 


On the day of when everyone gathered

Not knowing that you had hidden and your heart had been shattered 


But I noticed as each girl came to sing

 My fiancee was getting very uneasy

When you came up and your voice had rang

And through true love, the spell had break


I shouted to you that she was a lie

and with your wand, she became a fly!


The wicked witch now gone for good

Finally married just like we've always should

My Dear True Sweetheart



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