Dear You


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I write you wondering if I've made a mistake giving you my heart so fast. even though I told myself after the one before you I would never fall so quickly. That I wouldn't let some one in so fast. Let them know my past present and future. Not to let someone know my secrets and fears

because each time I do someone like the one before you comes and takes my heart uses it and breaks it and tries to return it and since my return policies are so non exsistant they can do as they please sneeze cough and stomp on my heart

because after every return and repackaging My heart loses another piece to the big puzzle that complete me.

And some have come close with putting me back together piece by piece day by day but not close enough because of the consumers who have carelessly dropped and played with my heart like a library book taken out and returned with ripped pages coffee stains and late notices and book marks lost and pages bent and returned not in the state it was received in

and like letting a friend know secret about you that is deeply rooted in the pain of soul but to find out that it was told to the boul down the street like Falling of your bike and kids laughing laughing at your tears tears running down your face running to your mom hoping she can put humpty dumpty back together again

and fairy tales of love and prince charming coming to rescue you from a tower built on all the tears and heartbreaks you have encountered and him climbing through your window and taking you into your sunset for you happily ever after cuz after all aren't you him.

He who would will save me from the cycle of the torment of non existing return policies and silly beliefs in fairy tales.

And you telling me you telling me "I love you" and I love you means something more than a tool to get into my drawls but to get into the locked drawers of my heart of my soul a key that will unlock different doors for me and you to find a place rooted in love no heart breaks. No tears only tears of joy when I see you at the end of the aisle, And say "to death do us part" and take those words seriously and do better than my parents

so those stories of rapunzel and cinderella weren't told in vain and the years I spent thinking I was in love and finding love weren't wasted because i found you who will close up shop and end the return policies for good because you won have to return my heart because it's yours so I thank you for letting me love you and teaching me how to love

like teaching a kid that the bunny ears go around the tree and through the whole. And now after comparing our love to fairy tales return policies and puzzle i can finally end with

Sincerely ,
Yours truly ,

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