Reverse Postitions

Holding some cheese in his mouth,

The fox sat down to feast.

A crow flew by to spy,

perched on a branch in a tree.


Good day to you.

Greeted the crow,

Her eyes twinkling with delight.

The fox said nothing for fear

of losing his delicious snack.


I hear you are very clever.

Remaked the bird in the tree.

I would like to see how clever you really are.

Just do as I will say.


Will you jump up into the air,

Bite a branch on this tree,

Until the leaves shake and fall,

Jump down again,

Never touching  a leaf?


I am sure you can do it.

Just give it a try.

It will only be a moment,

I will then be satisfied.


The fox glanced at the branch above,



Dropping his cheese on the ground.


The bird of the night swooped down to the ground,

Carrying the cheese away.

The fox growled and grumbled,

Never getting to eat his treat.


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