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Hail youth of bloom, sweet and good  from excellent thrones of nutritive sensitivity 
Did That One Person Help Your Life?Did That One Person Inspire You To Get Back Up?Did That One Person Make You Struggle?Did That One Person Make You Mad?Who Was That One Person?
My darling my darling Oh, my sweat dear You look ever so handsome And fill me with cheer When I do see you My heart always flutters I long to see you Because you make my voice stutter
My darling my darling Oh, my sweat dear You look ever so handsome And fill me with cheer When I do see you My heart always flutters I long to see you Because you make my voice stutter
My darling my darling Oh, my sweat dear You look ever so handsome And fill me with cheer When I do see you My heart always flutters I long to see you Because you make my voice stutter
love, sweet, and kind you will soon find me under a bleacher making out with a boy
Remember when I was so sad? Regretting everything I was,And had?All that changed after I got to know you,Opening up, and telling you the truth.Showing you what was inside,Sure that you'd leave me or hide.I remember the paralyzing fear.Though after
honeysuckle lips   almost touching mine, but not quite   they drip below   the crook of my nose,   slide down,                     down,  
If you never find love If you have sad days And you ever feel lonely If your heart gets broken And you can’t see the light If your mind starts to wander And you think you’re not enough
There is a puddle On the road by your house I stop to look at the Sky through it’s Reflection. I see you, there In the clouds.
Honey            H               o                 n                   e                     y A drip, a stir Something sweet   Sweet like a star Bright like a note
he and i laying on a soft quilt the cloud cover making the room dimly lit, but even then i can make out the details in his face; like the freckles sprinkled acrossed his right cheek,
hes truly something else to me i study him as if hes written shakespeare i worship him as if he were a god
lately, things have been a little too much for me. i havent been the happiest and i had no explanation on why,
Childhood memories, some Happy and sad. Of Illness and wellness and Living with dad. Was Distanced from others and Hating it all—now On with the day. I’m Destroying the wall.  
My heart urges for a simple love. A perfect picture Full of ignorance and glee.   Where a simple sand castle is just a castle,
star-spun imagination making everything about the sky see the galaxies in her eyes the stars in her hair
You sweet wandering child  with your soft, kind smile and hope-stricken thoughts oozing out your pores and  infecting those around you-- Tell me, how have you maintained your innocence in this
My feeling for you is the elation you feel when you see a shooting star, And your heart climbs into your throat with exhilaration.
The stars spell your name in a thousand love letters, as we're hand in hand whispering secrets in the dark.  You bring sunshine on a rainy day with your laughter, drying my tears with a kiss.
Why is it that we love sweet nothings in our ears? Nothings and empty promises from those we hold dear? In all the broken, tumbling chaos that is, Don't we want something stronger than this?
Slowly and sweetly arises my soul with a comforting, soothing fear. A place, not a place, a man, not a man: Heaven! I'm finally here. The guilt's gone away, tears flit to my eyes. Why do I cry in such bliss? 
To feel The love That eats The soul That loves Thy sweetness So!
The woman's tears were beautiful; the rarest things tend to be. The less a fragile soul is seen, the more tender and sweet it seems.
What a beautiful weapon she is. She's the sharpest edge and the prettiest sight, The softest, sweetest bringer of night, And all with a teasing kiss. What a beautiful, beautiful weapon she is.  
Your lips like silk,Your smile saccharine sweet.Your eyes plain, serious, simple,A connection when mine and yours meet.  Your hands perfect for mine,Your arms like home to me.Our heart's aligned,A love anyone could see.  The pure thought of you gi
You are the laugh of a baby My favorite song You are the feeling I get on Christmas morning The presents I open You are the warm hug from family However, you are not the acne on my face
Nobody dares travel these rough and rarely tread roads, but I follow them because I know where they lead. Deep in a forest overgrown with trees shrouded in darkness with rocks all about, but can you see?
Mark my skin Breath it in The air tastes sweet, But the cold still bites at our feet. Wrap me up, Show me love. Reconginize change, Adapt for our variety and range. Hold me tight, 
He stands among  the  tallest trees  The moon glistens Highlighting his face      Wind caresses his soft skin.  It’s cold outside.
Because I love you... Words are kind but actions are sweeterBecause I love you… You’re irresistible and I never want to leave you
The Sweet and Dashing LassBy Briley Wells It seems the ever astounding and perplexing pen has called me yet again to expel it's ink onto paper for the sole purpose of bringing a smile to your face.
I drove six hours just to surprise you   Being spontaneous is something I never really do   I opened your door and once you saw me you squealed with joy
I never was in a relationship, nor did I ever have a crush.Not until you asked me the question that day.We were each others' firsts. First kiss and first real and only relationship.
i loved a boy who hated everything sweet. i made him a cake but didn't add any sugar, yet he still said it was too sweet. i bought him candies but made sure only the sour,
A wintry breeze dances by, Floating across the orange landscape, Caressing the living with its cold touch.
I don't like people, But sometimes you meet some sweet ones. Some wonderful people. Maybe they said "hello" The way they do. Or maybe they just showed you love. They make the world
Because I love you,  I see things through a new filter. Colors are brighter, the air seems sweeter, and every touch feels like satin against my skin.   Because I love you, Love feels tangible.
"I love you" we message each other non-stop. Non-stop. Non-stop! I see him 4 days out of the week, and over time the days seem to stretch further away. It pulls and tugs at my heart in the best way possible.
Balancing on an oakwood stepping stool,I wiped at the mirage of colors on the grease stained windows.Another one of my "chores",Placed on my ebony tresses by my stepmother.Crystallized like warm honey on the outside,
Acknowledge and embrace the smell, the feel, and the taste. Understand: the power of the flower. The flavor is sour- diesel. On a cloud
  The old farm stood alone and still. A car made gravel fly. Elise braked and shut the door. “I’m wrecked, why even try?”  
i promise to never let you go do everything i can to never say no i promise to always be by your side no matter what happens ill always be your guide i promise to be with you till the end of time
When nothing goes right, theres something that is perfect for every occasion.
In my heart I’ll remember the spring trees and the taste of fruit early in the morning before the sun rises, high in the sky, and paints the world with color.
Bitter like licorice, but sweet like honey Soft, melt in yo mouth, kinda soft Spicy, salty, nutty, crunchy A drop of cinnamon, a taste of caramel Add a pinch of brown liquor, and you've got The Good Stuff
Smokey. My kitty.      He pukes everywhere at night.  But I love him so. 
Her lips, sweet wet lips, hundred roses in their burst, can't with them compete. #haiku
Words so sweet never tempted to escape these lipsAs I blow the breezed flowered utterances to youI must ponder in direAre my expressions suffocating?Are my advances tiring?And I must hope in earnest
The sweetest kiss of twilightA crimson rose or threeLost in the moment loveA moment with out theeIs no moment at all The tender kiss of yours dearA crimson rose or twoLost in the moment love
An IslandA SeaWould mean nothing to meIf you were far away. All the food in the worldAll the prettiest pearlsWould pale in comparisonTo you.
Sweet Tea Better than coffee That smooth taste With a honey color That ensares my taste buds Tea brewed so fresh That I just can't resist Drinking every drop  Of that ice cold sweet tea
I can't live without chocolate. Chocolate is like the soul to my heart. It makes me happy, like the chimpanzees. The way it melts like butter as the flavor explodes into your mouth.
I've been innocent since forever But forever never came So I've been lying in this bed awake While my dreams chase after me They've been calling out my name As I look back at their stitched mouths
The yellow and orange candies have always been my favorite, the only ones I've ever liked, actually. So when I was sharing the sweet candies with my love, I gave him the yellow and orange ones, naturally.
Duration means nothing Being first means nothing Getting to the finish line does So short and sweet and so Simply put
In the days of our childhood,
Chocolate chastises my every thought, addiction from something easily bought, dagerous yet sweet, I am caught. What waits within the wrapper will always win, we all have our demons, and chocolate is my sin,
revenge, the sweetest joy next to getting pussy
Herr with a mind so complex and a spirit so playful Herr a brain so intriguing and a heart so pure Herr a soul full of love to give and hands full of space i want to fill Herr
I only m
You were so sweet I knew better than to try to consume you all at once If i over indulge then my stomach would ache So i told myself "maybe just a taste" But you weren't composed of artificial flavors
We're space-candy mannequins, just suckers for human sin. Count to three, it's a jawbreaker world; only sweet until it's gone and you're left with that ache in the maw. I'm a space-candy mannequin,
You've got my heart fluttering on the ideas of us being together. My eyes get lost in your and just the thought of you blossoms my mind.
Feeling like a princess, Undistinguished by the makeup I’m the same though, Same smile, Same naïve personality   You are there, Looking like a young Johnny Depp With a tux
Can you love me? Because without it Im Lost
Girl to me your beauty is constructed ingenuity conducted by the command of our God who makes no mistakes if I could describe your love I'd say it is a river a giver of life giving the right substance to live off like
Upon a cloud with nothing loud
Words are all they will ever be, but trust I'll love you way more than that. You make me a better person, cliche yes, but it gets better. You make it all seem effortless.
My girls are beautiful Yes, more beautiful than just what they see in the mirror   My girls are special
When we’re kissing, don’t worry about your chapped lips.
Gaze on me only but for a second, and thus I shall know That in agonizing uselessness are my feelings of woe. For when your vision crosses mine I seek no other but the eyes of thine.
So sweet and kind People may not see it, but I’m not completely blind…   You fill people with joy With your beautiful smile…
  Everyday I tell myself “If she only knew” Every morning when I wake I start thinking of you   Sometimes I just wish That I could tell you Just what I’m thinking
  You go through guy after guy Each one worse than the last You live your life petrified Try'n to run away from your past But see I'm not like all the others I'll always love you more than him
His mouth tasted like coffee and cigarettes, and his mind, his mind was like and overwhelming wave of beautiful thoughts, that I was drowning in. The odd thing was, I didn't want to swim up for air.
Lost in your eyes I want to feel the sunrise. I want to feel the flutter of your heartbeat, in this beautiful demise. Though your hunger will make me bleed, my thirst for you will intervene. Lust lust I'm feeling lust lust, lust lust lust.
Your laugh is a million fireflies, your heart is a sunny breeze, your dreams are like a telescope, and tears that dread a sea. Your love is a vapor of ones own bliss,
Candy is delightful, destructive, including soothing.  I relish Reese because, I endure the peanut butter that is cradled in the chocolate. It accumulates mass, however its great to lounge with.
If I could take away,
She smiled at him with the stars in her eyes, He returned the gesture with a gentle kiss, Which earned a giggle of surprise, He gave a grin of utter bliss,
I never knew what love was like That was until I met you How could I forget? Your smile, your eyes the way you fret It made me feel like I was invincible. All that changed one day.
Have you ever fallen in love with a simple routine? Waking up to the warm glow of the sun, Slipping out of bed with a whisper and a yawn, Feet touching the lovely cool floor.   It’s such a simple act,
the warm white tide Your footsteps in the sand, They’re only temporary, Soon to fill with seawater, Flushed orange with the last Lost rays of shimmering daylight.
I am sorry, I am a slut. I dream for what I do not have. I crave his touch if only for a second. For his attention to get off of you and on to me.
Hear me out My love. The sun rises each morning To greet you. Its eternal heat aims to keep You warm.
Flowing Locks Of Ropes Cherish thee With Love       Long braids flowing down hardly ever touch the ground.   Pig tails-Pony tails
My Love…. This is our season You are my only reason For celebrating this period So many do celebrate devoid Of the knowledge of love Some celebrate just like the dove
I love the way these words sweetly caress my mind at night,   "I love you"   Like a gentle breeze that flips my hair Or the golden rays of sun which warm my soft lips
You held me so tight As you kissed me good night You pushed my hair behind my ears You took away all my fears You reeled me in With your cute, little grin I was caught
I want it to be like this; swadde in blankets smelling of you, I stretch free of that innocent outer skin of childhood, easily, like slipping off clothes   Later, I will feel at home content.
Whatever misalignments had knocked the earth off its axis  twisted and turned and morphed  until time stopped  and it was me and you  underneath the galaxies.  
Making you smile is a blessing.. Having you in my life has been amazing.. Goodnight, sweet dreams..
Colorful cotton candy is grasped firmly in children’s hands. And their parents watch as they go ‘round and ‘round. Some may never have the chance to see these fun-filled lands
There once was an old woman who lived down my street.
Dear Lord...I need to talk to youbut as oppose to all our previous conversations I would like to do It differently today...
How do I describe a love full of indescribable things?
It started in heat. A heat that kept 
Under the willow tree, you kissed me we danced we hugged we picked the small leaves. Under the porch roof, you held me we whispered we giggled we wondered about the wood.
You’re hot You’re charming, You got looks like no other; Everyone can see that.   Your smile melts ice Your eyes captivate all, You got looks like no other; Everyone can see that.
If love was a book, I’d read it to you. If love was a song, I’d sing it to you. If love was a pool, I’d dive in with you. If love was a car, I’d drive off with you. If love was a star,
If I had one wish I'd wish for a sunny day. If my wish came true I'd take you out for a walk. If we went out for a walk I'd take you to all my favorite places.
I pull myself into you Deeper and deeper Claw myself through the massacre Worm my way into your heart Infect you, rot you, turn you rancid And come out on the other side clean as fresh fallen snow Leaving behind my sick little sweet and rotted tee
A little nervous I was  but i wanted to  Pretty lips  Red lipstick  and I kissed her  wanted to do it again  So I did  Did i mention I liked it?  never thought it'd be so cute 
Might I relate to you? Could you feel the way I do?  Just slip me a smile- it's all it takes to leave me up- wide awake   A flicker- a glance my chance-  to lean in a kiss
Your delicate touch...It sends me through the skies.Though I may collapse,You are my cure. Cure me, O thy love, Of thy pains and sufferings...Cure me...Your hatred drags me down.
Little Dove, You're the one I love because, Everytime you come around, You always manage to lift my frown.
Sometimes it is difficult to find, myself when behind closed eyes, all that resides, is darkness, seemingly vast. It is tricky knowing, which way to cast, my trust,
Lips I can kiss A heart that is mine A friendship evolved A love so divine Hands I can hold A rush I can feel A connection so bold A bond so unreal Someone I can talk to
The sea shimmers like sunlight on chrome Loud crashing waves and soft silky sand are my living room The beach is the place I call home   My home is unlike the old empire of Rome
Sometimes I miss being a little kidWhen the problem was which crayon to chooseOr finding a marker without a lid.The biggest mistake’s result was a bruise,And boys just carried a bunch of cooties.
One, two, three, four, five, / A child's delight so simple, / Green and growing, she.
I want youI crave every part of youI want to know youTo know whoYou truly areI shall scour the earthAnd heavens if I mustTo gain your trustTo become halves made wholeThis is my only goal
When someone truly Listens to you They will react both inside and out. A response infused with emotion Showing you that they have been moved by your words.   When someone truly listens to you
Pass me by, like nothing ever happened The time we spent, gone away Never to return.   Waste away, your ashes rise above Floating above my head Am I really dead?  
Once in my hands,I did entreat,This tender appleI did eat. Oh glorious glory!Devine Defeat!What joy is mine,Since this apple I did eat.It's looks are beauty,Her taste is sweet;An angel from heavenBefore my feet.Her leaf is goldHer skin a rosy red,
I am lost in the wavesof this Magnetic field,where everything is North,yet nothing is.  everything here is Deadbut has life,  can't speak,although possesses voice,  is Broken,but Loves with ImmeasurableElectricity.  Afar off a television's static'
How many years has its been since you gave birth to yours truly? We've had our ups and downs, many times, but I've kept you in mind lovingly. I know that I haven't been the perfect child, but honestly
In another world, I would be a flowerWith light pink petals and a long green stemI'd be awfully pretty and wonderfully wittyThe plain people would pass and I'd pity them
Be my lovely lady valentine, My sweet summer Clementine Face brighter than the morning Sun.
Oh what shadows I carry and bring with me; We dance all night and sing in perfect harmony, Oh so joyous and free. Together we live so happily, because they're just like me.
Poetry is my light It is my darkness The bottled feelings inside Pain Excitement Loose Happy Explode all on a single sheet of paper Like a volcano ready to erupt
I need you. You with your smile that light up my whole world.
My destination was not to your heart, but your mind. Can I trick you into believing your mine? Of course I can, This wouldn't be my first time.
Another day I return to my bed Another search again with no end I remember the moment I saw you You were different than anyone I ever knew
Gonna dive head first in this murky pool of wonder. Gonna keep one eye closed, one eye open. For fear of seeing the unknown, and excitement of discovering new dreams.
Stomach flutters, more vulgure than butterflies I see him, more than with my eyes Lip-locked, constantly catching me by surprise I'm ready I'm waiting, he's more than amazing This one has got my mind pacing
Her hands may be old Her wrinkled face may be cold Hair of snow white tint Blue eyes with crystal glint Still her heart is young And expells deep breaths from each lung
Life is precious as we all should know. We are just seeds in the dirt waiting to grow. As time goes by and the good and bad influences from our surroundings shine down on us, making us to sprout into our various ways, we stand.
My love, My darling, Oh, where are you? I’ve searched and scoured the earth for you. I’ve left no rock unturned. My heart is failing, My hope is fading. Where could you be?
Filling my heart with accomplishment And the sketched atmosphere of the aloof stratosphere, I stretch my legging clad legs over the edge of Cloud 9
Why i gotta mess up Why do i trust Why do i care Why am i here Why don't i have nobody Cause i aint worth ish, that's why
No words Just sweet adoration Obvious attraction Simply complex ideas
(poems go here) Ode to happiness and the high it gives you. Suppressing the stress you could no longer bare. Cleaning you up until you’re “as good as new”. It’s like inhaling a breath of the sweet spring air.
Hold me close, keep me safe. Tell me you love me and that will never change. Dry my eyes whenever i cry and tell me everything will be alright.
Three simple words, Is all I have to say To tell you how I feel, And there's no other way.
The first time I laid eyes on you Met you for the first time I Knew. It was something about the way you smiled But I hesitated, unsure It couldn’t be, my mind is playing tricks. We’ll be friends.
Maybe I became what I said I never would, But maybe change is bound to those who only wish they could. And my life is spurred by the moments rooting from the past, Get whisked away and forget the time,
To you I give my only heart, For if we ever drift apart. To have me with you forever, So I must forget you never.
I want to be your co-pilot I want to write in our booklet Forever and always I want to be the reason you are never lonely I want to be your one and only Forever and always
Just one kiss upon your lips, is enough to make me dream. The sweet taste of loves desire, the soft and tender one I admire.
Baby theres so many things id like to say, and no money can pay, for all the happiness you bring me, so in my heart please tell me you'll stay.
I look you right into the eyes and disregard all of the lies. I swear I'm lookin into heavens skies. I look you right into the eyes and time starts to fly. I never bothered to question why.
The stars are falling around us yet all i can focus on is the sine of your eyes The floor trembling beneath us yet all i can feel is the beating of my heart Fires encompassing us yet all i can feel is the fiery passion of my love
With lips red as the rose So sweet and tender as the fragrance, As they gently arose A soften form of patience. A pair of rubies made in flesh Belonging to only you, The breath exhaled of air so fresh
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