The Last Dance


Feeling like a princess,

Undistinguished by the makeup

I’m the same though,

Same smile,

Same naïve personality


You are there,

Looking like a young Johnny Depp

With a tux

You are still the same

Same eyes looking at me deeply

My comedian


“All of me” comes along,

My friend shoves me into your arms

We dance to it,

Me, and my heart racing like a skyrocket

My face making its own natural blush

You smiling, noticing all my distinct facial expressions

I don’t know what I am feeling

My thoughts are all jumbled

If I look into your eyes

You will see my true feelings

You will hear them

The song ends and you ask me to dance again

I am still recovering from that heart attack you almost gave me


I say no,

I ran away,

Guarding my heart


From the corner of my eye,

 I saw you look at her as any girl would like to be look at by a guy

Your mind and heart belonged to her

You, just like me,

 suffered from unrequited love.


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