Four Seasons

It started in heat.
A heat that kept 
me waiting
For warmth that
was never there.
But you became my sunshine.
I looked up at the trees
And didn’t mind being blinded by it.
The rays of light 
that saved my summer.
A breeze came through
And those leaves I looked up at
Now had to be found on the ground.
They had their time and made beautiful exits into trails we’d crunch while walking.
And I love the reds and oranges
But my favorite part of that autumn
Was and always will be 
The shades of brown in your eyes.
Next thing you know it was snowing.
Sometimes there were icy patches 
and we had to tread lightly.
Sometimes the snow was light
and flurries on my glasses would mess up my vision
But you held my hand and guided me
To any corner or crevice where we could be shielded from winter winds.
That’s my favorite time to take in your heat 
And I never feel like a sponge, absorbing it, then you wouldn’t have any left 
You were always hot 
And I simply melted into you.
When I was able to see the grass again
Every flower bud being reborn
I counted as an “I love you”
And when I saw birds in the sky again
I would look up first in envy and then in hope 
And whisper “Soon”
For you were my bird keeper and always gave me little moments to fly
Don’t take it the wrong way, you’re not the one who caged me.
Warmth came back and your smile was always there
It would disappear at moments
So would mine
But we’re each other’s reasons why it would always come back
And why even if our eyes were violent hurricanes
Our hearts are the sturdiest of anchors.
We held hands and kissed,
We laughed and made faces,
Smiled from ear to ear,
Gasped in delight and let blissful desires conquer our minds,
Took pictures throughout a rollercoaster-like tour,
Even when surrounded by the heat, the disappearance of green leaves and nature’s form of death and resurrection.
I’ve loved and loved
And opened up 
And have given my all
But haven’t given out everything. 
There is still more here for you. 
Either new or simply renewed.
Like how your veins don’t carry the same exact blood all of your life,
There will be more love pumped for you and I plan to have it rushing within you as well.
I’ve loved you
I’ve had you 
So far for four seasons.
And I want all of these 365 days
With its memories built,
And new memories to mold,
Lessons learned 
And silly things we know to avoid,
With reassurance of our love and adoration,
To occur and over and over again.


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