Courtly Love


Follow me oh dear sweet prince,

I have something to give you.

No, no I musn’t say yet…


Darling please don’t doubt me now,

Just follow me to the moonlit garden

You will see when we get there.


Carefully now, don’t wake the guard,

We don’t need another spy to report to Daddy.

Just follow me, we’re almost there.


Hush and hurry, quit babbling!

You’re wasting time.

We must get to the garden before the midnight hour.


Quit stalling, quit struggling!

Just follow me.

I promise it will be worth all this.



Out the doors and down the steps,

Oh come on hurry,

Midnight is fast upon us!


Shush and stand here.

Let me get the gift from my pocket.

Hold out your hand oh darling prince.


Feel this pressure in your palm?

This is the key.

Do you really have to ask?


The key to my heart, silly.

I love you so,

And now you know.


Oh darling prince,

Your thanks is greatly appreciated,

But do stop rambling on.


Oh dearest!

I know you feel the same.

You don’t need to tell me twice.


The secret is out my love,

Darling hush.

I know this all too well.


Prince of mine,

Look me in these ice blue eyes,

And just shut up and kiss me.



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