Because I love you

I drove six hours just to surprise you


Being spontaneous is something I never really do


I opened your door and once you saw me you squealed with joy


Tears coming to your eyes as you see your little boy


I could never forget what you were able to do


I lost one, yet you still managed to fill in for two




It was a dark early morning, we could never forget


But with each other-you, me, sister, and brother


Nothing was impossible, nothing was over yet


Because we had you, our beautiful mother


You always told us "Do not cry, do not fret"


“No matter what, we will always have each other.”


We’d look to you, our mother, our safety net




When I came back home, you held me close


Mom, you’re the woman I love the most


I’m sorry it took me so long to come home


I always thought I liked doing things on my own


But you were patient and you were kind


You gave me time to let me go through my mind


“Mom, why do you forgive us no matter what we do?”


You said, “Son, everything I do is because I love you”

This poem is about: 
My family
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