Waves Of You - Electricity


My Heart
United States

I am lost in the wavesof this Magnetic field,where everything is North,yet nothing is.  everything here is Deadbut has life,  can't speak,although possesses voice,  is Broken,but Loves with ImmeasurableElectricity.  Afar off a television's static'd screenpowers down only to reengage in its taskof devoted obedience unto the sea.  Wires connecting the continentscan't quite span the gap betweenYou and I.  Where under the umbrageYou sit in content,  whilst I settle the noose,in tranquil airwaves,and commit to the genocide;O' Loves Great Doom!The Heart can't take insuch an illustrious gloomso to the Depths go I,to look to the sky,and to Dream of your unascertainable lovein the Hellthat claims the chains of mineinto the Cold and Clammy Wall.


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