The Apple of My Eye - Love Poem


My Heart
United States

Once in my hands,I did entreat,This tender appleI did eat. Oh glorious glory!Devine Defeat!What joy is mine,Since this apple I did eat.It's looks are beauty,Her taste is sweet;An angel from heavenBefore my feet.Her leaf is goldHer skin a rosy red,The tang she givesComes to such a bitter end.For no time have I,Tomorrow's spentNow memories are all I have,The joy,Her love,Have caught me in her net,The passage through my life she has made,Left only the intrinsic scar;Of Her sweet but now bitterEverlasting serenade.And now the place she goes is so far away,That true happiness will not be,For my heart will be in hauntAnd my heart in dismay.Her tender touch,Her always lovely laugh,That melt the ice awayFrom all the painful years past.This apple is one of a kind to me,A princess of divinity,My muse has she beenAnd forever will be.Whenever I feel love,Feel happinessAnd peace,I know that her spirit is resting beside me.And I will look to the stars and call out her nameHoping a falling star will carry my messageTo her from me;To the AppleFrom the Tree.


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