I Knew

Thu, 04/25/2013 - 23:35 -- amt2063


United States
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The first time I laid eyes on you
Met you for the first time
I Knew.
It was something about the way you smiled
But I hesitated, unsure
It couldn’t be, my mind is playing tricks.
We’ll be friends.
When you were sitting next to me telling me all the things that I already knew
On your knees telling me that you knew me in such a short time.
I Knew.
But I rejected it, it couldn’t be.
Things got rough, it wasn’t the right time
My hesitation was right, you weren’t the one.
Time passed but I could never find a man
So perfectly imperfect like you.
I could not find a man who seemed sensitive yet strong,
Attracted me yet repelled me
In whose arms I could relax
Who looked me in the eyes and got me lost.
I Knew, but waited.
When the time came and you called
I heard your voice and Knew.
It was worth the wait.


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