Just for you

Because I love you...

Words are kind but actions are sweeter
Because I love you…

You’re irresistible and I never want to leave you

Your every charm, your every flaw

Your tiniest details

I love it all, I love it all


Healthy love is unconditional

And healthy love is patient

Even if I get upset — I still want to kiss you

No matter what, there is no desperation


Alive I feel, with the light in your eyes

My heart will sing and I’ll still get butterflies

We fill our cracks, and we cheer each other on

Our trust in each other completes our bond


Because I love you…

I won’t go out the door

Because I love you…

My faith in you never feels like a chore

Love is a healer that still stands tall

It is a mighty potion that heals us all


This poem is about: 
My family


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