The Wedding Song


Words are all they will ever be, but trust I'll love you way more than that. You make me a better person, cliche yes, but it gets better. You make it all seem effortless. You're sweet smile, the way you look into my eyes longingly, when you always seem to make me smile even when I don't want to. I hate the power you have but I crave it more than anything. You've been that special piece of me that turned the pages in my book. You brought me to life, you've changed everything I know. And I like it. Hell, I love it. I love you. You don't even know what you do to me. We're smiling at each other, the biggest grins pressed firmly onto our faces. It's too proud of a moment. You have the most infatuating charm. You have a way with words, that just makes me melt. I just can't seem to let you go, and then the song ends. But this time it plays forever in the background of our future.


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