Short brown hair - sometimes curly, spikey, messy

Green eyes - glistening, full of love and joy, always looking at me

Attentive Ears - curious, always listening, always wide open

Sweet lips - giving comforting kisses when I’m feeling broken

Soothing voice - relaxing, gentle whispers, always singing songs

Honest Tongue - never telling a lie, bitten when he knows he’s wrong

Charming smile - bright, contagious, something he’ll always wear

Long Arms - best giver of hugs, holding me tight - forever I’ll stay there

Big Hands - helpful, gentle, carrying me along

Powerful Legs - supportive, quick to run to me when things go wrong

Strong Body - big built, tall, warm (with a really cute bum)

Loving Personality - selfless, considerate, sweet as a sugar plum



Works hard as one can to support those he loves

Is innocent, peaceful - like dozens of doves

Shows his love in the purest, cutest form

Stays with me during and after the storm

Beats the crud out of anyone who hurts his beloved

Will do anything for them, even behave coldblooded

Always bakes lots of yummy treats for him and myself

Shows he’s proud of his kids, puts their accomplishments on the shelf

Came from a terrible place, without a family - all alone

Now finally has somewhere to really call home

Is kind, brave, protective - perfect to me in every way

Has made me feel special ever since we met that day


I’d be lost

Without Him,

Without His lovey-dove

He Loves me,

And Him,

My CupCake,

He is the one I love

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