The Sweet and Dashing Lass

The Sweet and Dashing Lass
By Briley Wells

It seems the ever astounding and perplexing pen has called me yet again to expel it's ink onto paper for the sole purpose of bringing a smile to your face.

My awkward grip graces the pen and gently guides it through the immensely long and wide halls of my brain to produce these amazing and powerful entities we call words.

My hand and mind collaborate and allow me to write all sorts of words.
Ones that make up essays, letters, and stories for all reasons, occasions, and occurrences.

Today my mind is doing something different.
My mind is allowing me to write words that make up something much more special.

A poem

A poem for you
The sweet and dashing lass
Whom has doled to me many generous and warm embraces that have filled my heart with glee

The sweet and dashing lass whom has said hello and treated me with kindness at every opportunity
The sweet and dashing lass whom has not only given me her time and attention but has also given me one more thing to look forward to upon my arrival to such a monotonous and mind numbing place as this.

The sweet and dashing lass whom has not only brought forth in me emotions of happiness and glee but emotions of nervousness and excitement as well.

Those moments of nervousness and excitement have come at the moments when I must stroll past you and force myself to cage my desire to sprint towards you and use what little power that lies in my challenged limbs to spring into your arms and launch into a conversation that could last an infinite amount of time.

It is those moments of nervousness and excitement that have trained me to rise in glorious triumph and gracefully splatter the pure brilliant gold that is our friendship onto an unknowing and unsuspecting page.

NONE of the emotions displayed within this piece would have been brought forth within me had you not been designed by the almighty God to be the sweet and dashing lass that you are.

It is in this very moment that I will now thank the almighty God for creating such a sweet and dashing lass as yourself.


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Hope you enjoy it

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