To Relate

Might I relate to you?

Could you feel the way I do? 

Just slip me a smile-

it's all it takes

to leave me up- wide awake


A flicker-

a glance

my chance- 

to lean in

a kiss

stolen- not missed


Days later

walking down the street

straight standing

yet shuffled feet

a nervous word

a touching hand

do not worry-

I understand


A smile graces your handsome face-

here our second kiss takes place


What others deem romantic-

you deem simple truth

a twinkle in your eye

yet with wisdom beyond youth 


you tell me exactly what you think

says you things to make me pink-

and still with everything I say

you hold me close still to this day


for this is the tale of a little "L" word

that makes hearts flutter like a bird






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