hes my lover boy

hes truly something else to me

i study him as if hes written shakespeare

i worship him as if he were a god

and i love him as if he were the last living rose

and ive never seen such beauty

so much so that ive compared him to things that could never be as euphoric as him


hes my milky way boyfriend,

sweet and savory and full of life

hes my sunset sweetheart,

so many beautiful colors its breathtaking

hes my cherry blossom space boy,

galaxies of soft smiles and tight hugs

hes my darling little angel,

innocent eyes meet halos and dewdrops

hes my nature loving sunshine,

a happy-go-lucky personality id die for

hes mine,

and im never letting him go


there are times where i look at him and i wonder

what is it like to have such a lovely soul?

does he know the amount of light he holds?

can he see the admiration in my eyes?

has he noticed that flowers bloom when he walks past?

is he aware of the stars spinning on his fingertips?


i have moments where i cant exactly explain or understand how or what im feeling

in those moments i hold him close

because if anything can make me feel better, its him.

its always him.

and in those moments where i hold him close

i hold him tight so that he knows i wont ever let go of him

and i make sure i remember what he smells like

so that he can bring me peace wherever i am

and i run my fingers through his hair

to remind him im always here.

and in those moments

where im holding him close

and remembering all of these things

i realize that i cant hold him forever.

and he lets go

and i step back

and i felt as if i was on the edge of the world.


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