you're more than beautiful, Gorgeous

Wed, 12/24/2014 - 12:57 -- Bravo

Girl to me your beauty is constructed ingenuity

conducted by the command of our God who makes no mistakes

if I could describe your love I'd say

it is a river a giver of life giving the right substance to live off like

..minerals and vitamins

when I hear your voice it's like the melody of violins

I always catch a minor glance of ecstasy

when your next to me induced through epinephrine

What that means is

the love that you give me ultimately sends a message

to the cells in body

this is different from Bobbie

cause your the girl of my dreams and she was mother

and you are my lover

my reason for romance

my reason for this poem

my reason to slow dance

complete when we hold hands

unlimited joy

only you and Christ together fill this limitless void

how can love be blind when you're depicted so vividly

your smile so tasteful

your character significantly graceful

I'll embrace you

forever love

til death due us part

you give me your love in exchange for my heart

I'll give you my smiles in exchange for your pouts

you give me assurance in exchange for my doubts

my head in the clouds

number 9 I surpassed it

the thought of us apart my mind couldn't grasp it,

picture or fathom

but rather imagine

us together forever love with love ever lasting

time pass and I'm gasping for air

drowning in this sea of love I ask is it fair

but as long as your here everything will be fine

I will be yours and you will be mine


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