The Heart Proposes


United States
40° 46' 45.7968" N, 87° 2' 32.7804" W

To you I give my only heart,
For if we ever drift apart.
To have me with you forever,
So I must forget you never.

Your love is what I keep inside,
So that I may stay by your side.
Wanting you more every day,
Arousing you more in every way.

Mine, you are, to me, not all,
To catch you at times that you may fall.
To be your prince, your one true love,
To be your life, your ever lasting dove.

My heart, you have, taken it so,
Giving happiness and love to show.
You are all that is my treasure,
Something higher than every measure.

My wish is this, only one thing,
Asking you once to take this ring.
With all hope, and all that can be,
I ask you this, "Will you marry me?"


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